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Milla topless in Blue Lagoon sequel

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The ultimate sex fantasy would be getting marooned on a deserted island with a hot, innocent chick who would readily swap a dress for floorlength hair for adjustable cover and with sexual curiosity just about to boil and topple over. If this idea brings back certain strong memories, it might be because of Milla Jovovich, back in the day when she starred in Return To The Blue Lagoon, which is exactly what I was imagining earlier.

There’s just something about going back to nature, to our carnal instincts as highly sexual animals, that appeals to certain guys, me included. That’s why the movie that starred Milla as a nubile, innocent Eve is such an exquisite image that it’s bound to make anyone horny. These scenes taken from the film are perfect suggestions to the wild, horny romp anyone can do when given some alone time with Milla. With a tropical island as deserted and as self-sustaining as that, social decorum and the need to sweat out a living becomes silly and unnecessary. Please, neckties and forks? That’s so… urban. All I need on my fantasy island is Milla’s fresh pussy and the seashore to wash away the sweat from excessive fuck time. And my pretty lady can scream as loud as she wants to when I ram my cock in, oh yeah.

Before we get carried away though, here’s more of that hot, underwater sex scene featuring Milla Jovovich to get you fueled and pumping. But I’d stick to naked fantasies of Milla if I were you, unless you wanted to see her running off in real life with an undeserving hick of a husband, much to everyone’s chagrin.