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Fake action pics of sexy Milla Jovovich

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Milla Jovovich understands the sore need to have more hot and sexy actresses in the ass-kicking genre of the film industry. Angelina Jolie is one of the rare A-list celebrities who falls consistently under the category, and it’s a good day for action genre fans when Milla Jovovich took root in the comforts of car chase sequences and gunfight scenes herself. She has starred in the popular movie adaptation of the videogame Resident Evil as the zombie busting amnesiac Alice, and as Violet in Ultraviolet, a leather-clad renegade afflicted with a vampire-like condition. With films like these, the fantasies of action geeks are fulfilled, if not fleshed out, albeit in the illusory silver screen.

With such a blazing hot actress like Milla Jovovich dominating the movie screen in such action films, the oft-theorized distractions that women contribute to the plotline are generally made clearer, but personally, I’m not complaining. I’d pay to watch Milla’s sexy figure do some lethal waltzing amidst gunfire, while her heart-pounding moves call to my mind equally frantic action sequences in bed.

These, er, altered pictures of Milla Jovovich as her character roles in her movies sure pull the right kind of string along my pants. I can just picture the post-action action I’d direct with her, right when here adrenaline is pumping, and she needs to cool down from the action on set. She won’t need to change back to her regular clothes, no; it’s hotter to fuck her and her pussy with guns still in her hand and fake blood splattered across her open shoulders. I’d sit her down right on the set and I’ll pound her, with the cameras still rolling and the crew sitting down to watch. It’d be a hell of a lot of kinky fetishes pulled off in one go. Still, in real life, Milla Jovovich is one fucking hot mutha’, if you ask me. But if it’s the roleplaying kinks that you want, there’s more photos of Milla Jovovich naked that can satisfy your wildly inventive romps through that fetish of yours. Indulge.